Press Release SEO: Writing Press Releases Effectively for Search Engines

Search engine optimization or SEO is the mantra for anyone who wants someone to actually read what they write. This article from the PR Newswire tells you how to write a press release that will get noticed.–Writing-Press-Releases-Effectively-for-Search-Engines.html



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Social Media & Connecting With Students

Should I use social media to connect with students in my classes? That question comes to mind more often these days as I read countless articles about the explosive growth of social media. Do students really want to connect with me through Facebook, Twitter or even this blog?

Pearson, publisher of a wide variety of textbooks for higher ed, conducted a survey this year and results were posted on Slideshare. It appears that faculty use social media for personal use quite a bit but much less in their professional roles.  Humanities and Social Science faculty are the most active users with regard to students which surprised me a bit since business faculty should be well aware of how social media is revolutionizing the ways companies interact with customers.

What do you think? Do you want to connect with instructors via Facebook, Twitter and/or other social websites?

Check out the Pearson survey results here: Pearson Social Media Survey 2010.

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Two-year anniversary of Madoff scandal and son commits suicide this a.m.

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Social Media Class

Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Linkedin, My Space – these are just a few of the many social networking tools you can use to connect with friends, family and colleagues. You can put these to use to promote yourself (in the job market?) or to promote your business.

Secrets of Social Media Marketing book cover

Textbook for MKT 299 Marketing & Social Media

The question is whether or not you know how to use these tools to their fullest extent so that you get the most benefit. The Marketing department at SWIC will offer a one-credit online course called Marketing & Social Media (MKT 299) for the first time in the spring semester. The class will show you how small businesses are using these tools to connect with customers. It will show you how individuals can also use these tools to build an online presence that enhances your professional image and expands your networking base.

Here is a preview of the type of thing we will cover in the course. Check out Susan Gunelius‘ column from titled “10 Steps to Getting Started in Social Media.”

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The Long Tail

If you’ve taken marketing classes, then you know that marketers focus on developing products and services deemed most likely to sell and to generate the most revenue. The promotion effort is devoted to the 20% of the market who will buy about 80% of what the marketer peddles. While that might be conventional wisdom there is a new game in town and it’s called the “Long Tail.”  The Long Tail is comprised of all the more obscure “stuff” that has a limited audience and that the big mass marketers typically ignore. But what if someone can pull that “stuff” together at a fairly low cost and make it available? Not only make it available, but make it fairly easy to find? Think Amazon. Think Netflix. Think RhapsodyChris Anderson’s article, “The Long Tail” explains this applies to the entertainment industry – DVDs, CDs and books.  It’s a must read for marketing students!


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Is Online Learning an Option for You?

Are you thinking of taking a class online? If so, look before you leap! Online classes provide a number of benefits with convenience cited most often by students. However, online learning is not for everyone. Here are a few things to consider before you leap into an online class:

  • Are you comfortable with a computer? When faced with something new on your computer can you figure things out for yourself most of the time or do you know where to get help?
  • How are your writing skills? All of your communication will be done via writing.
  • Are you willing to ask questions?
  • Is self-discipline one of your strong points? If not, think again before registering for an online class.

Check the college’s Online Learning web page for a more extensive list of considerations.

Check out this video on YouTube for more information.



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Spring Semester – Start Planning!

The schedule for the spring semester is out and registration begins soon. If you want to avoid the long lines in the Counseling office, visit your counselor now! To get the most out of your meeting plan ahead. Here are a few things you should do before you meet with a counselor:

  • Review your student advisement report in eStorm. The report will tell you which classes you still need to take.
  • Check the prerequisites on the classes you need.
  • Review the master course schedule for Accounting, Management and Marketing AAS students on the degree program websites. It’s very important to check that schedule so you take the necessary classes when they are available.

If you go through these three steps, you will have the information you need to have a productive meeting with your counselor.

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Keeping Degree Programs Current

Degree programs need to stay current with market conditions so that the curriculum is provided the most up to date information and skills for students. One way we do that is to meet with our advisory committee members. People with expertise in degree’s content are invited to serve on a  program’s committee to give input on course development, curriculum changes and anything else they deem important for the quality of the degree program. This morning the Accounting, Management & Marketing Advisory Committee met and we had quite a discussion about social media. The three  business owners on the committee said they were just getting started in exploring the use of social media to connect with customers.  Each of them agreed that our marketing curriculum needed to reflect the importance of this very hot topic.

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